5 Easy Ways To Make Online Pharmacy Delivery Faster

In today’s busy world and lives full of hassle, who has time to wait to get their desired products? No one likes to wait in a queue at the pharmacy to get their medicines. So, different pharmacies like Super Meds offer online pharmacy delivery. After they place an order online Pharmacy. For this, online pharmacies need to speed up their delivery processes to shorten the wait time of their customers.

How is fast online pharmacy delivery important?

Speed of delivery affects every kind of business, and it is an important factor that most customers consider while ordering any product. People usually don’t think of fast delivery as an additional feature of an online service but consider it a necessity that every business opting for home delivery must have. The big businesses of today do not just bid on the quality of their products. But, they also make sure that they get their products delivered on time. This makes the people wait lesser for their desired goods and services.

If your online pharmacy wishes to compete with other online pharmacies out there, then it must adopt a bulletproof strategy and robust technology to offer speedy delivery.

Ways to speed up online pharmacy delivery

Many different ways proved to speed up online pharmacy medicine delivery. If your pharmacy wishes to compete with other pharmacies, then you must adopt these strategies.

  1. Optimize the route of delivery 

To offer the fastest delivery speeds, the first step is to optimize the entire routing. The tip is to select the fast and most cost-effective routes that are possible for delivery. You shouldn’t choose the routes that are the shortest but may have more wait timings and heavy traffics. Those shouldn’t choose which may be cheap, but are longer than the other possible routes. Consider all factors while choosing the route for online pharmacy delivery, whether the route is short, you can travel faster, has fewer wait signals, less traffic, etc.

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It can become a challenge to truly optimize the routes. Especially if you do this manually by calculation and using basic delivery mapping software. This can be a time-consuming process if your pharmacy has several vehicles and need to deliver tons of medicines every day. Taking help from route optimization software is a possible way to use technology to make things faster and more effective. It helps fleet managers, leadership teams, and delivery drivers.

  1. Make plans before the time

If you wish to speed up online pharmacy delivery, then advance scheduling and planning are essential steps to make this possible. The further plans you make for the days ahead, the better you can maximize the execution. For instance, if you are making plans for deliveries in the coming days. Then there very little space to make changes. You more at risk to get caught off guard.

If you have loads of orders for the holidays, but due to any reason, the holidays start a couple of weeks earlier than expected. If you have made delivery plans for the next five weeks, then you would have a lot of time to reschedule the deliveries and assign additional drivers and riders to meet the demand successfully. But if you have planned for just a couple of next days, then you may not have enough time to make timely arrangements for on-time deliveries. Thus you may lose some of the valuable customers.

Planning also benefits the staff and riders and creates a healthier and more productive working environment. If you have set up schedules for the drivers for the next whole month. Then a rider can request shift swap and find coverage if they wish to attend a party at home or have some other task at hand.

  1. Have the option of route modification

Making plans in advance is an important thing and so is the option to make changes in the plans when there  unexpected challenges. There can be many surprises in every job that must done, and delivery routes are at risk for many of them. For example, there may high traffic on a route, the driver may get a flat tire. They can get held up at delivery when they try to help a customer. When things don’t go as expected, the drivers should change the plan as small hold-ups can easily turn into hours-long delays. The dispatchers also get instant updates if a driver gets caught. They should be able to modify the routes and send the updated routes to the drivers without losing any time.

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There delivery software that offers live tracking of orders for the customers. So the customers know when they will get their orders delivered to their homes. It also reduces customer complaints about services and delivery and increases the overall satisfaction rates of the customers for online pharmacy delivery.

  1. Set up the priorities

To reach the customers quickly and effectively needs you have to prioritize appropriately and set proper ordering stops. There are many factors that you must consider when setting priorities for stops accurately along the way. An urgent delivery package of medicines, for which a customer has paid an extra fee, should prioritized over a standard delivery package. Consider another scenario too, in which three standard delivery orders are coming in way of a rush order customer. It is good to make stops on the way and drop off the non-rush packages while on the way to the urgent delivery of medicines.

Assigning orders to different drivers also needs proper planning. Assign each driver an equal workload, considering the number of orders as well as how much distance they would need to travel to meet the delivery deadlines.

  1. Combine reverse and forward logistics

If you combine the forward logistics drop-off routes with reverse logistics pick-up routes, then it can cut the travel time and planning time in half. If there is a need to drop off some medicines at a place, and there is a need to pick up some products from around the same place, then it makes sense to assign both tasks to the same person rather than sending two different drivers at the same place.

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Choose the right pharmacy with online pharmacy delivery

Now you know some ways in which your pharmacy or any pharmacy can speed up their online medicine delivery system. If you looking for a pharmacy that already features this, and online pharmacy delivery choosing Super Meds right decision as you can place your order online and get it delivered to your desired location.

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