The Rules Of Advertising And The Role Of Virgin Media In Smm Marketing


Virgin Media is one of the most reputable marketing companies in the world. These companies know how to play with consumers’ minds, but they also understand how to capture the audience’s heart. Virgin Media is considered of the top compelling companies in the world. 

However, the thing that makes this brand so striking and appealing is its organization structure that is designed specifically for the recent social media trends used in current criteria. When people are craving consistently for building marketing trends, searching for a robust internet connection, on-demand entertainment, and seamless experience, Virgin Media successfully learns about how to deliver the brands with higher efficiency. 

Undoubtedly, today Virgin Media is well-known as the biggest telecommunication company in the United Kingdom. Moreover, the company is growing the heart of the marketing trend. It’s all about disruption, fun, and customer acquaintance. 

At the same time, Virgin media also sees the lockdown and pandemic crisis in the United Kingdom. Still, it reflected the brand through its constant action and tremendous messaging power. This telecom marketing company also initiated new social media campaign plans for the upcoming year before the United Kingdom worsened conditions during the lockdown. 

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Virgin Media’s Marketing

Despite this, the government of the United Kingdom is also advising some strict rules and regulations on branding and working from home. Virgin Media’s marketing direction and brand, Cilesta Van Doorn, didn’t like it to go ahead without shooting and branding. 

They didn’t feel safe marketing with hundreds of people on the shooting set. Though it was not mandatory, they canceled it further. 

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Virgin Media Brand Values and Role in SMM Marketing 

So, the question is, how did the Virgin Media Branding team come to develop such kind of brand value with a powerful voice for the brands? The simple answer to this is online presence. All you have to understand for successful marketing is the targeted audience to whom you want to sell your products. You need to focus on some unique values and marketing strategies while marketing. 

If you focus more deeply on building the brand value, you probably find the simple establishment of the specific marketplace. And that would be enough for boosting the market profit. As per the report of, nearly 40% of the customer avoids using brands and stop working because they don’t have the brand value because they didn’t meet the requirement. 

Virgin Media companies rely on connecting with the audience, probably with the younger generation. 60% of the brands’ customers are between 18-24 age group people. They are willing to pay more to the companies that successfully landed on their beliefs. 

Today, empowered customers are continually increasing their focus on choosing that brand that strictly talks about human needs. Out of millions of brands, customers are looking for brands with a social conscience, better value, and talk to the customer needs directly. 

What exactly becomes the reason for the success of Virgin Media and the brand stand out on top. This consistently points to the pulse of the targeted customers and market to go ahead in building a brand name. 

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For instance, in 2016, Virgin media created the biggest “Impact award,” which is used to encourage companies across the globe to engage in more projects. The initiation has been made to enhance the brand values of Virgin Media, which included the following: 

  • Constant Curiosity 

Virgin Media also claims to progress based on voracious curiosity. This also wants to know what makes your customer appealing and can deliver a seamless experience. 

  • Heartfelt Services

Another significant way that allows businesses and companies to stand out in the market is their ability to provide splendid services to their elite customer. This is why the Virgin Media branding teams pull their edges down to understanding the client’s requirement to initiate their services. 

  • Surprising 

Virgin Media is amongst the most innovative and forward-thinking marketing & Media Company. This is why it engages with the customers and is always surprised. The business organization claims to defy the expectation and meet the requirement of everything the customer want. 

  • Stay Relevant 

Keep your social media updates short and to the point. For example, a short history of changes in interest rates is more approachable and informative than top suggestions for first-time buyers.

Comment and remark on news stories that influence your clients, pose questions to your colleagues or bring attention to larger concerns that may affect mortgage borrowers.

  • Accurate Compliant Content 

Trusted experts are crucial in this era of fake news, so they only provide reliable, unambiguous stuff on social media.

When sharing stories, make sure they come from reputable sources and avoid conjecture or criticism in your comments. Don’t post a tale until you’re certain it’s true and useful.

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To guarantee compliance with the FCA’s Financial Promotions guidelines, registered advisers must avoid providing direct advice or promoting specific goods. Handle your content on social media the same way you would any other promotional material, and make sure it passes a compliance check before being shared.

Bottom Line

On the other hand, Virgin Media had space reserved, and Van Doorn was briefed its firm, Adam& eveDDB, on the latest campaign just four weeks later. This needs to fit with Virgin Media’s larger brand strategy of “establishing links that matter” and represent the realities of the scenario in the UK, with the epidemic escalating and a lockdown looming.

The campaign, which began last week, features footage of people dealing with the crisis, such as neighborhood clapping a nurse on her way to work, senior citizens in a residential facility socially distancing themselves while playing ‘hungry hippos,’ and a small handful whose cruise was forced to cancel trying to recreate the cultural experience. ‘Stay home,’ it says at the conclusion. Keep yourself protected. ‘Remain linked.’

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