Can Masturbation Cause Blindness?

Masturbation does not result in blindness. Let’s refute this fallacy and discuss some other popular masturbation myths. Over masturabation side effects on eyes

Masturbation is a normal element of a healthy sex life for both singles and couples. However, there are many masturbation myths that may attempt to persuade you that masturbating is harmful or hazardous.

For decades, if not longer, these myths and urban legends have reinforced stigma, shame, and fear around a popular form of self-pleasure.

For example, some individuals may fear that masturbating “too often” will harm their eyes. But can masturbation genuinely cause eyesight loss or blindness?

Is masturbating a cause of blindness?

Going blind or losing your eyesight is not a typical adverse effect of masturbation.

“This horrible misconception about masturbation causing blindness, acne, or other health dangers is completely false,” explains Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., LMFT, licenced sex therapist and resident sexologist at Adam & Eve. She describes this as an “ancient myth created to control the populace with the concern that sexual excitement would lead to out-of-control behavior and the collapse of civilization.”

Masturbation may cause eye damage in severe situations, such as one documented in this 2014 studyTrusted Source.

“On rare occasions, the strenuous exercise of any type — even masturbation — may increase blood flow and heart rate, as well as burst a blood vessel (especially in the eye),” Skyler adds. Masturbation-related eye damage, on the other hand, is highly uncommon and needs a great deal of power.

So, if you’re masturbating with moderate power and intensity on a daily basis, it’s unlikely that your self-pleasure will result in a ruptured blood vessel or loss of vision.

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Other masturbation misconceptions

One of the numerous masturbation myths is that it causes blindness. Other frequent misunderstandings about masturbation include:

  • Masturbation is harmful to your health.
  • Masturbation should never be done with a companion, and masturbating with a vibrator might cause genital harm.
  • Masturbation will destroy your marriage.
  • Masturbation is considered a type of deception, and it has no health advantages.

Where do these incorrect notions originate? According to Skyler, they are usually committed by:

  • earlier sex and sexuality messages in the media
  • Religious messaging that imply masturbation is bad, cultural messages or familial attitudes that stigmatise self-pleasure and sexual expression, and inadequate or inflexible sex education programmes that promote sex negativity in general
  • Despite these assertions that masturbation is dangerous or harmful, the fact is that masturbation has mainly good side effects.

Masturbation Has Many Advantages

Masturbation and self-pleasure, according to Skyler, may provide a great chance to develop an intimate connection with yourself and your body.

Masturbation allows you to explore and experiment with:

desire and arousal in your erogenous zones how your orgasms operate your imagination and dreams

Skyler argues that masturbation is necessary for sexual health and wellbeing. “How can we inform a partner where to discover our own pleasure places if we don’t know where they are?”

Self-satisfaction may also be beneficial to your sexual health. You may enjoy the pleasures of sex while minimising your chances of developing a sexually transmitted illness (STI) or becoming pregnant.

“Masturbating many times a day might cause the body to feel exhausted and tired,” she says. “The most prevalent over masturabation side effects on eyes, however, is a profound sensation of rest and renewal.”

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Let us review.

Masturbation is completely safe and natural. Self-gratification will not make you blind unless you do it so fiercely that you pop a blood vessel in your eye, which is highly unusual and improbable.

However, if you were taught as a child that masturbation is immoral or hazardous, you may have emotions of guilt and shame while masturbating, according to Skyler.

In rare situations, you may also have difficult-to-control self-pleasure tendencies, such as the desire to masturbate at work or in public locations.

Skyler adds that if you’ve been taught that masturbation is bad for you, your body may “shut down” in reaction to self-pleasure, desire, and erection.

You’re not alone if this sounds similar.

Skyler suggests allowing yourself to create a new narrative that accepts masturbation as healthy, joyful, vital, and welcoming.

Seeking treatment from a sex therapist or mental health professional may also assist you in unlearning sex-negative messages, such as these misconceptions, and reframe your ideas about pleasure.

“Don’t forget: Self-satisfaction is our birthright,” Skyler says. When you evaluate these harmful beliefs, you will be able to feel better and appreciate all of the amazing advantages that masturbation has to offer.

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