Finding the way out of Sex & Drug Addiction – The Linking Disorders

Believe it or not, sex addiction and drug abuse are internally linked. Someone addicted to sex is not about their morality, but such behavior is triggered by the brain’s reward system. People weirdly love engaging in such reckless and destructive behavior as if they don’t belong to this world.

Just like drug addicts, sex addicts feel comfortable in the experiences crafted by the chemical changes in the brain. They keep repeating their actions to find the satisfaction that they might never discover. To achieve their goals, they continue doing sex or drug abuse just for the sake of coping with the emotions. Such addictive behavior keeps them engaged in a loop that is never going to stop.

The surprising part is both sex and drug addicts are well aware of the negative consequences they’ll undergo. But, they cannot help themselves.

How sex addiction and drug addiction related to each other?

People addicted to a substance or drug abuse may get easily addicted to sex. More chances prevail for both disorders to co-occur. They may even think for a while to escape the emotional pain and stress that is ruining their life. So, to get rid of drug addiction, people may divert their minds towards sexual intimacies. Instead of keeping drug abuse at bay, they invite another addiction – sex addiction. They may indulge themselves in high-risk sexual behaviors and overdose on drugs at the same time.

Even if an individual isn’t yet addicted to sex, taking drugs and getting involved in sexual intimacy in near timings can get them addicted. As a result, changes in libido occur and sexual performance is greatly affected. More chances prevail that an individual engages in unprotected sex that leads to unwanted pregnancy & STDs.

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When the sexual behavior gets compulsive, numbness, guilt, and shame become frequent visitors. Some may start using impotence pills like Vidalista 20 to satisfy their sexual cravings in case if they’re not getting erections naturally.

Impacts of Drug abuse on Sex Life & Relationships

Drug addiction can be easily figured out because of abnormal behavior or physical changes that become visible in a short time. The addiction to stimulants, alcohol, marijuana, etc complicates an individual’s behavior. Once abusing such drugs, people often lookout for partners to pour the feelings they’re carrying within.

Sex addiction is tricky to discover. Consistently thinking about sex takes the focus away from work and relationships. Getting intimate with your partner daily is not a sex addiction. Making weird demands isn’t sex addiction either. It is the compulsive behavior of performing sex for achieving a kind of fixture from alcohol addiction.

A sex-addicted individual may not be satisfied with one partner. This makes him intercourse with multiple partners. They may feel a compulsive need to masturbate, watch pornographies, or keep themselves sexually stimulated. When this becomes a routine part of life, their partners will likely sense sex addiction. If not treated on time, sex and drug addiction will make them lose their partners and destroy relationships.

Moreover, getting involved in sex frequently affects libido and invites sexual disorders like impotence. Though impotence can be treated with powerful medications like Cenforce 100 and Kamagra Jelly, it is important to find an effective cure for sex and drug abuse first.

Mental-health problems following Sex & Drug Addictions

The adversities of sex and drug addictions are not only limited to breakups in relationships or self-damage. They also extend to severe mental health problems as follows:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Borderline Personality disorders
  • Impulse control disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders
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96% of sex-addicted people suffer from anxiety disorder too. 71% of people having sex addiction agree to have mood disorders. The damage caused by sex and drug addiction is easily predictable.

Getting rid of Sex Addiction & Substance Abuse – What is the way out?

One major concern lies for sex and drug-addicted people here is to find a way out of this mess. Just like addiction does not happen overnight, a cure cannot impose positive effects overnight.

First things first, it is extremely important to reach out to a professional. Tell them what you feel. Don’t keep anything to yourself, let them know about the drugs you’re addicted to & the way it is encouraging sex addiction in you. As both disorders co-occur, they both need to be cured together. Curing one & thinking that another will go away make no sense.

Your medical professional will identify which one should be started with. Next, they’ll identify the causes and address therapies accordingly. In case, if sex-addicted males undergo erectile dysfunction, they may be prescribed Fildena 100 too. They’ll track the progress and may introduce new recoveries later if needed.

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