How to Control Pests in London

London is a gorgeous city, but due to the abundance of fast food establishments and hotels in the
region, bugs are inevitably present. It is crucial to be aware of the pests you can encounter, whether you reside in London or are just visiting while travelling.

In addition to potentially signalling a greater concern, a pest’s sight or activity may also be
quickly resolved by Panther Pest Control. However, how can you know what to search for even if you have keen eyesight?

Well, this little guide to potential pests in London will inform you about both the most prevalent
pests and the indications that they are already residing in your lodging.

A bed bug

Although it’s a popular misconception that bed bugs prefer filthy mattresses and rooms, your
building may still be vulnerable to an infestation even if you practise good hygiene.

How do you then know what to search for?

The most typical symptoms include a bad stench that nearly smells like almonds, and faecal
marks on linens (these are often a brown-reddish colour).


Although civilization has advanced significantly since the Black Death, our beloved city is still at risk from rat swarms, particularly in light of all the everyday garbage. During the winter months, rats are prone to looking for warmth and are drawn to food and other trash.

This implies that any food you leave out overnight or for longer than that might result in an
infestation. Rats may be identified by their chewed cables, infrastructure damage, and, of course, by seeing one of these furry pests.

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Whether we like it or not, these eight-legged critters are everywhere. Spiders sometimes lurk in cracks and crevices and sneak up on us, scurrying across the floors and sending shivers down many people’s spines. A string of cobwebs is one indication that you could have a spider infestation, and because some
spider species like moist environments, it’s always a good idea to check areas like the basement
and shed as well.

These are only three of London’s most prevalent pests. Please contact us right away if you are dealing with a bug issue in the neighbourhood. At Panther Pest Removals, we specialise in getting rid of pests from both residential and commercial settings. Therefore, we are able to meet your demands whether you’re a corporation or a homeowner.

We ensure a secure atmosphere for your family or company while utilising the best bug elimination techniques. We are also pleased to offer suggestions on how to prevent a pest issue in the future.

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