Small Talk, Big Risks: The Four Topics You Should Never Bring Up with Passengers

As a rideshare car rental driver, you must be prepared to interact with a wide variety of people, each with their own opinions, beliefs, and values. However, there are certain topics that are best avoided when engaging in conversation with your passengers. Not only can these topics be divisive and controversial, but they can also lead to uncomfortable or even dangerous situations. In this article, we will explore the four topics you should never talk about with your passengers.

  1. Politics

Politics is a highly charged and polarising topic that can quickly lead to heated arguments and tense situations. As a rideshare car rental driver, it is best to steer clear of discussing politics with your passengers. You never know who you are going to be driving, and people have strong opinions and beliefs that may not align with your own. The last thing you want is for a disagreement to escalate into a physical altercation or for a passenger to give you a negative rating because they disagree with your political views.

  1. Religion

Like politics, religion is a highly personal and sensitive topic that should be avoided when talking to passengers. Religious beliefs are deeply ingrained in many people, and discussing them can quickly become a contentious issue. As a rideshare driver, it is best to avoid any conversations about religion, as it can lead to awkward and uncomfortable situations.

  1. Personal Finances

While it may be tempting to discuss your personal finances or inquire about your passengers’ financial situation, it is best to avoid the topic altogether. Financial situations can be highly personal and can vary widely from person to person. In addition, talking about money can make some people uncomfortable or even defensive. To avoid any awkward or tense situations, it is best to keep conversations focused on neutral topics.

  1. Relationships
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Finally, relationships are another topic that should be avoided when talking to passengers. Whether it’s discussing your own relationship or asking about your passenger’s, the topic can quickly become sensitive and personal. People have their own experiences and opinions when it comes to relationships, and discussing them can lead to uncomfortable or even awkward situations. As a rideshare car rental driver, it is best to steer clear of any conversations related to relationships.


As a rideshare car rental driver, it is important to remember that your passengers come from all walks of life and have their own unique opinions and beliefs. While it may be tempting to engage in conversation, there are certain topics that should be avoided to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for everyone. By steering clear of politics, religion, personal finances, and relationships, you can create a positive and professional environment for your passengers and avoid any potential conflicts or uncomfortable situations.

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