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Welzo has joined with over eight research laboratories across the UK, Denmark, and Italy. This enables us to cover various diagnostic tests, genetic tests, epigenetic tests, and standard biomarkers.

Welzo has only nominated the most trustworthy labs to work with. All labs in the UK are both CQC and UKAS registered. In addition to this, our international labs also hold ISO authorizations. The average patient in the UK has to wait at least 15 days before speaking to a GP and a further 4 – 8 weeks if a discussion is required. But getting access to quick and affordable healthcare can be simple.

Welzo acts as a healthcare platform, connecting patients with the finest healthcare providers to enable a seamless experience.

What is gout?

Gout treatment is the name for the unexpected extreme pain that occurs when there is a build-up of uric acid inside the joints. Often, only one joint is pretentious during a flare-up. The most common areas of gout include the big toe, ankles, feet, wrists, elbows, and knees. The pain can be simple and sudden, often accompanied by swelling, redness, or heat at the site.

How is gout treated?

When the uric acid builds up inside the joint, it crystallizes, which reasons severe pain. The medication used to treat gout decreases the exact amount of uric acid in the body and breaks down the crystals. Colchicine medicine is a fast-acting treatment that can relieve gout within 1-2 days.

Lemsip when pregnant

Although Lemsip may seem to be a natural alternative for severe headaches when pregnant, it, like other over the counter medications, may contain active & diverse ingredients with severe side effects when taken during pregnancy. Please note that it’s vital to know what’s in the prescription, as numerous versions have different active & diverse ingredients. & You should consult your doctor while using lemsip when pregnant.

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While the NHS recommendations consider that if you are pregnant & trying to conceive, you must consult a doctor before using Lemsip Max All-in-One. All the differences consist of the nasal decongestant phenylephrine hydrochloride.

It can also restrict blood vessels, which is now proven harmful for women with pre-eclampsia. Bottom line

Even though medicines are used carefully during pregnancy, you should check with your professional doctor to see if you need to modify your medication dosage. You may also seek medical guidance if taking medicines to treat a chronic illness.

Additional Precautions

Lemsip max cold, although considered safe & protected, may not be appropriate for youngsters under twelve years of age and should be avoided during your pregnancy. Moreover, Lemsip should also not be used in extreme amounts if you have hypertension & cardiovascular problem. It should also be ignored if you take MAOI medication or within two weeks of discontinuing them. Before use, if you are not sure, you should consult your pharmacist. Also, use it with precaution and after consultation with your professional doctor or pharmacist if you have extreme renal or liver disease. Do not use any other paracetamol-containing medication along with Lemsip.

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