What Can Cause Orgasm Problems in Men?


             What is orgasm? Orgasm is a feeling of reaching the climax during sex, often accompanied by semen ejaculation right after that. Orgasm is very important for both men and women since they provide us with the feeling of satisfaction during sex. This is very essential in making sure that our mental and physical health is at its best. However, some men might be having orgasm problems in their life. This make it difficult for them to enjoy having sex. As a result, it might annoy their partner and this problem might create further problems in the future. If you are having issues with reaching orgasm, you need to ask a doctor immediately and seek assurance about your condition since it is a serious matter. Your doctor might want to attempt finding the cause for your problem first before he or she can try to manage or treat your condition. So, what are the usual causes for orgasm problems? First of all, we will take a look at some types of orgasm problems before we go to the common causes. Maintain your health.

             When we talk about orgasm problems, it is always associated with ejaculation problems. This means that men with this problem will have some difficulty in ejaculating, hence they are often dissatisfied with their sexual life. There are a lot of orgasm problems type in this world and this includes erectile dysfunction or also called as impotence, producing no semen at all, producing small amount of semen or called as retrograde ejaculation, premature ejaculation meaning ejaculating too quickly, ejaculating too slowly or known as delayed ejaculation and also orgasm without ejaculating at all, known as anejaculation. These are all the common orgasm problems that can happen in men. There are so many causes that might affect this situation. Below are some of the common causes for orgasm problems in men. It can be divided into three categories such as physiological cause, medication cause and also physical cause.

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Physiological cause

  • Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety can often be the cause for orgasm problems be it for men or women. This is because these conditions affect our brain, causing our brain to tell the body that we do not enjoy certain things anymore.
  • Relationship problems with your partner due to miscommunication, stress or any relationship problems.
  • Poor body image that makes you become very anxious and inferior especially when having sex with your partner.
  • Anxiety about sex performance will makes you overthinking and end up not having the confidence to have sex. This usually happens during our first time having sex.

Medication cause

  • Antidepressant
  • Some high blood pressure medications
  • Certain diuretics medication
  • Certain anti seizure and also antipsychotic medications

Physical cause

  • Some birth defects might affect the male reproductive system, causing blockage or some problems that make ejaculation difficult. This condition needs to be addressed as quickly as possible soon after the baby is born.
  • Any injury to the pelvic nerve might affect orgasm. This is because the pelvic nerve is responsible for giving orgasm sensation. So, any injury to it will make it lose its function.
  • Some types of infection can also affect orgasm. This is true especially for urinary tract infections that affect areas around the male reproductive system. However, this condition is usually correctable and is only for short-term. Once the infection is over, our body will return back to its normal function.
  • Usually, some prostate surgery can also be the cause for orgasm problems. Prostate surgery such as prostate removal or transurethral resection are often the cause for this problem. Know about our Hajj vaccination package.
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