What Does A Jellyfish Tattoo Represent?

If you’re looking to remember an important bond or love to someone in your life, a tattoo of a jellyfish might be the best option. There is a belief that jellyfish’s tentacles symbolize humanity’s interdependence and remind us that we’re not truly separated from the ones we cherish. The jellyfish is also believed to be a positive sign when it shows up in your life and encourages you to follow your heart and trust your own inner thoughts.

The jellyfish tattoo is usually similar to what you imagine it is. There are however many designs that completely alter the appearance of the jellyfish tattoo and may enhance or diminish the significance of the tattoo. Here are some examples of the various ways jellyfish tattoos are done.

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo

The jellyfish watercolor tattoo seems to be fitting because the jellyfish inhabits the ocean. The whimsical and intriguing watercolor style is perfect for the jellyfish, and further enhances the mysterious significance of the tattoo. The way that jellyfish move around could put you into a trance. It’s an odd animal, so having it tattooed in this way is a great way to enhance the wonder of this creature.

Jellyfish Ocean Scene Tattoo

The scene of the ocean is right for the jellyfish tattoo. You may encounter this tattoo in tattoos that require the entire space. It doesn’t matter if you cover your back or cover a significant portion of your leg the ocean, jellyfish and the scene could be the subject of an amazing mural of your body. There are often different fish or coral reefs, in these tattoos.

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Traditional Jellyfish Tattoo

The classic jellyfish tattoo is popular with the followers of the American classic style. It’s a perfect tattoo since many traditional American traditional tattoos center around images connected with the sea. It is often seen in a more Neo-traditional style because the artist tends to utilize a range of colors that aren’t usually considered to be part of the American traditional style.

What Do Jellyfish Symbolize?

Jellyfish can be thought extremely difficult to connect with, as they don’t have traits that are similar to the human and, therefore, you could be wondering if jellyfish might be symbolic.


Jellyfish don’t have any sort of thought process to make the decisions they make and their actions depend on their instincts. While they are passively hunting for food, the tentacles draw lines and then they get active when something touches their bodies and the desire for food is activated.


Jellyfish are incredibly simple but extremely effective. If you’ve ever felt a sting from a jellyfish, you’ll realize that it did not seem to be suspicious and unaware. This is why people believe that this is the time when jellyfish appear to you as a spirit animals.


Jellyfish are afloat as they follow the ocean, wind as well as Mother Nature. They don’t try to decide their own path in life, but rather leave the choice to the natural world. They represent the ebbs and flows of life and follow the current, instead of seeking to fight it.


Jellyfish, despite the odds, are extremely skilled at surviving as their transparent body lets them blend into their surroundings while their stinging tentacles aid in helping them take prey from the shadows.

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