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Why Ignoring WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Will Cost You Time and Sales


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Why ignoring website design and development will cost you time and sales? Most businesses are willing to invest in new products to gain additional revenue channels, but redesign projects are typically viewed as less significant. As a result, business owners put them off or even don’t bother at all. In point of fact, why fix something that isn’t broken?

However, even a website that appears in good shape may have several issues that, in the long run, will result in lower conversion rates and revenue.

We will discuss effective website redesign techniques and provide real-world case studies to demonstrate the advantages of such projects in this article.

Why update a website? Seven clear indications that a website needs to be redesigned There are many reasons to redesign a website. However, we will concentrate on the ones that entrepreneurs frequently overlook.

It seems out of date. Users’ expectations and design trends are constantly shifting. Because of this, a website that appeared to be well-designed ten years ago will only attract customers today. However, 94% of website visitors base their initial impressions on the website’s design.

It must respond more quickly (it needs to be optimized for mobile devices). However, you must be aware that mobile devices account for nearly 53% of global web traffic. As a result, you must identify this audience and satisfy their requirements.

It does not affect business outcomes. However, UX may be one of your business’s problems if your website needs to convert more visitors into customers and generate more leads. By speeding up the loading time of your page and making the checkout process easier, you can increase your conversion rates by at least 11%, according to research.

It’s hard to use and needs a better user experience. If you notice that many people need assistance finding what they’re looking for, you know there are issues with the user experience and navigation. However, you can increase the website’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) by up to 83% by improving the user experience.

User experience on the website Visitors leaves the site quickly. Examine your website’s behaviour flow, pages/session, and bounce rate metrics. A redesign might be a great way to change that if it doesn’t work well on all or even some of them.

Your services, products, and brand have changed. Consequently, your website should reflect your company’s most recent developments. Therefore, you will require a website redesign if you change your focus domain, add more services, or update your logo.

It would be best if you remain competitive in your industry. You can increase your company’s competitiveness in a given market by adding new features to your website, such as incorporating a chatbot into customer support or adding “search by image” to your online store. However, there are times when expanding your website’s functionality within the confines of the existing UX concept is impossible. Therefore, you should seriously consider redesigning your website.

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How to Make Your Website More Effective for Getting Leads: Web Design Tips for Great User Experiences. After all, according to recent research, every dollar spent on UX can result in a return on investment of between $2 and $100. So think about this the next time you think redesigning your website is not a good idea.

Questions about website redesign that you should ask yourself before starting the project website-redesign-questions Redesigning a website, like building a new one, takes a lot of time and money. As a result, it’s critical to have a solid strategy for redesigning your website and to cover all bases.

The following are some questions you should ask yourself before redesigning your website:

The field of online education, also known as eLearning, is a highly competitive one. Therefore, it is essential to keep up with rivals and stand out from the crowd.

An essential component of an eLearning website is the following:

Platforms for online education need to be simple to use and navigate. Your clients should be able to locate and enroll in the required course quickly.

They ought to function on all platforms and devices. Sadly, even though responsive websites have been the norm for a long time, some online education platforms still need to pay more attention to mobile-ready designs or risk losing customers.

Students and tutors should be able to quickly and easily set up their profiles on your website so they can start using it immediately.

A modern, well-designed website addresses all aspects mentioned earlier and provides eLearning businesses with significantly more opportunities. The following Eastern Peak-created examples demonstrate how redesigning a website can assist eLearning businesses in gaining a competitive advantage and increasing their performance.

Case 1: The project Omega Teaching is an eLearning platform that provides personalized online assistance and intensive tutoring for middle and high school students. The website offers advanced courses in various subjects (mathematics, science, and humanities) and features knowledgeable tutors.

Example of a website redesign Before, the original website had several problems:

After that, the new website,, can be found here. The client saw several advantages as a result of the website redesign:

The website includes additional features like:

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