Z10 Pro Max Formula

Z10 Pro Max is the most powerful IPTV receiver on the market.

With 4GB DDR4 RAM and a powerful processor, the Z10 Prom ax is ready for any task.

The SD card slot has also been revived, making the memory even more expandable.

This allows you to watch IPTV with maximum comfort with full functionality and ease of use.

Formuler stands out as the most complete receiver with the Formuler Z10 SE.

Watch IPTV the way it should be on MYTV Online 2

My TV Online 2 is a special recipe collection IPTV application.

Connect your TV package via portal or M3u and enjoy your real IPTV.

All channels are displayed in a modern interface with unique options such as:

Pip (picture in picture)

Fast forward

Record channels and watch simultaneously

Pause and rewind

Missed program

VOD and TV series with IMBD info

Android 10 with Wide vine L1 in your favorite app

Download your favorite apps such as:


Video Country

After that!

And get an endless amount of content.

Smooth images with unprecedented quality and performance

A powerful processor and graphics card ensure smooth high-quality images.

You will really enjoy watching TV at 60fps with image quality up to 4K.

Thanks to HDR, colors are reproduced vividly.

New AV1 multimedia performance with HEVC First Formula and 4K image quality.

As a result, this quality is even more accessible and simple, because it consumes less electricity and internet.

This is further proof that Formula is a true pioneer in the market.

Memory can be expanded in different ways

The 32GB internal memory can be expanded in various ways.

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Z10 Pro Max has a USB 3.0 port where you can connect an external hard drive.

Z10 Pro Max can be connected to NAS (Network Storage) via 1GBit LAN port or dual band WiFi module.

Finally, the Micro-SD slot returns, allowing you to insert a memory card into the receiver.

Refurbished infrared remote control

Z10 Pro max comes with a new GTV infrared remote control.

This remote is more compact and easier to use than previous remotes.

You can watch TV comfortably by placing all the buttons in a logical place or no more than necessary.

Box contents

Buy Formulate Z10 Pro max

Infrared remote control

2 AA batteries

12V power supply

HDMI cable

Infrared expander


Unique features

Everything about the Z10 Pro max looks high quality.

With USB 3.0 port, 1 Gigabit LAN (1000 Mb/s), dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz), and BT 5.0, you won’t miss NY connection.

You can also enjoy 4GB RAM with DDR4 performance and powerful Relate RTD 1319 processor for performance.

This allows you to navigate menus smoothly and without errors and use multiple applications.

It has enough internal memory and can hold up to 32GB of ROM.

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