United States Hair Extension Market to Reach USD 3.44 Billion by 2028

According to Fortune Business Insights™ report, The United States hair extension market size was valued at USD 1.72 billionin 2020 and is anticipated to grow from USD 1.92 billion in 2021 to USD 3.44 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 8.71% during the 2021-2028 period., in the report U.S. Hair Extension Market, 2021-2028.”

According to our expert analysts, the surging occurrence of hair problem spooled with a promptly aging population is estimated to increase the product demand. Moreover, the rising demand for Vietnamese hair in this region is another factor responsible for the market growth, owing to the fact that the quality of the hair imported from Vietnam is superior.

COVID-19 Impacts:

U.S. Hair Extension Market Demand Hindered Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses with fluctuating grades of intensity across commodities as well as diverse stages of the value chain. The industry is currently changing its present replicas to direct the sways of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is set to definitely involve committed determinations on the basis of innovation and technology progression.

List of Key Players Mentioned in the United States Hair Extension Market Report:

  • Hidden Crown LLC (Arizona, U.S.)
  • Mayvenn Inc (Oakland, U.S.)
  • SO.CAP.USA (New York, U.S.)
  • ONYC Hair (Washington, D.C., U.S.)
  • EasiHair Pro (California, U.S.)
  • Cinderella Hair Extension (California, U.S.)
  • Klix Hair, Inc. (Michigan, U.S.)
  • Shake-N-Go Fashion, Inc. (New York, U.S.)
  • Halocouture Hair Extensions (California, U.S.)
  • Great Lengths S.p.A. (Lazio, Italy)

Report Coverage:

The research report focuses on assessing the market by taking into consideration all the contributions, prospects as well as development trends. It provides detailed profiles of pivotal players operating in the market to regulate their competences in each segment. Moreover, it assures to help our customers with an augmented comprehension of competitive scenarios such as mergers& acquisitions, new product presentations, joint ventures as well as collaborations.

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Drivers and Restraints:

Rising Implementation of Remy Hair Pooled with Optimistic Insights toward Indian Hair to Bolster Growth

Remy hair is measured as the best quality of human hair available for commercial use, as their cuticles are integral in contrast with most of non-remy hair weaves. India is a chief medium of remy hair in the universal markets, comprising the U.S. The existence of Indian hair weaves companies in the U.S. accentuates the admiration of Indian hair for artificial hair combinations in the country. This is estimated to amplify the U.S. hair extension market growth.

The comparatively great worth of natural/human artificial hair integrations is frequently on account of the idealistically lower rates linked with synthetic hair weaves. Consequently, demand for substitute products and high cost of the product make it difficult for artificial hair integration brands to attain development.

Competitive Landscape:

Significant Players to Aim on Launches to Reinforce their Market Opportunity

The market holds a large number of perceptible companies that are persistently trying to invent exceptional devices to aid the demand from patients around the globe. In order to do so, they are forming partnerships with domestic as well as international and respectable organizations, introducing novel resolutions, initiating partnerships, and entering into collaborations to strengthen their portfolio in the market.


Type and End-User are Studied

On the basis of type, the market is further branched into synthetic, human, and animal. The human hair weaves segment was responsible for the largest U.S. hair extension market share (63.71%) in 2020 and is anticipated to observe commendable growth in the coming years.

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In terms of end-user, the market is classified into male and female.

Key Industry Developments:

June 2021: Mayvenn Inc. introduced its primary retail shop on Fry Road in the Katy Area, Texas to provide its hair extension products to novel users and offer numerous facilities to its users such as connecting the gap among customers and hair stylists. This is expected to aid the market growth and bolster demand for the product.

Browse Detailed Overview of This Research:

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