Five Simple Habits to Help you Change Your Life for the Better

If we begin to feel out of place, then a change is ripe in our life. Often, the fear of the unknown does not give us a fundamental change. It prevents us from starting to act and changing the habitual, but not bringing any pleasure, way of life. However, in order to tune in to change, it is enough to simply start gradually introducing new healthy habits. Big changes in any area of ​​our life very often begin with small but decisive steps. 

Therefore, we have collected 5 useful and pleasant habits that will help improve your physical and mental well-being, as well as gain strength and motivation in order to change your life!

Customize your internal clock

A lot has been written and said about this for a long time, but we still recall: a comfortable diet and a sufficient amount of sleep are the very basic points, without which everything else will be useless. You are unlikely to be able to build a good house on a bad foundation – with the body and the implementation of life tasks in the same way: you cannot move mountains without a supply of energy and good health, which mainly depend on proper nutrition, quality rest and regular physical activity.

Healthy sleep most often occurs between 23:00 and 7:00. It is during these hours that the body launches the maximum number of recovery processes that will ensure good health and a healthy appearance. But sleep cycles are very individual, so it is important to find the one that is comfortable for you. Try to gradually adjust your falling asleep and waking times so that you feel good and be productive throughout the day. Listen to your body. The main thing is to allocate at least seven hours of sleep.

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Nutrition is the second integral part of well-being. We do not insist on three meals a day or large meals. The key is that it is best to try to eat at about the same time, without taking huge breaks between meals. Then the body will get used to the routine and will autonomously establish internal processes that contribute to healthy digestion. Remember that a healthy diet must include healthy sources of protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Drink water

The average amount of water recommended to drink per day is approximately 30-40 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight. It is important to understand that our body does not have enough water, which comes with food and other so-called hydrating foods. Our body needs pure water to keep us young and healthy longer. The best option is to include in your diet mineral water, which, in addition to life-giving moisture, will saturate us with important minerals. Perfect for this, well-known to everyone since childhood, “Essentuki No. 4” – mineral water, which contains more than 30 mineral substances.

The skin, brain, and digestion, as well as the immune system, are the first to respond to a lack of water. Dry skin, constant hunger, headaches, and persistent fatigue can signal a lack of fluid in the body. Also, water transfers useful substances to cells, participating in the regulation of metabolic processes, thereby helping to lose weight and gain a beautiful figure.

Look for inner balance

Recently, the rhythm of life has become very high, especially in large metropolitan areas. And absolutely everyone has to maintain this pace. We are always in a hurry somewhere and this all prevents us from enjoying life and being in the moment. In order not to get lost in the string of everyday affairs and to remain mindful and inclusive at the moment, many successful people practice meditation every day. This simple and accessible practice helps everyone clear their minds of thoughts and tune in to productive work. With ever-increasing stress levels, anxiety, and aggression, regular meditation is not a fashionable trend, but a necessity. Meditation is not about relaxation, but about the feeling of awareness in everything we do in our life, about changing our habitual patterns, with which we drive ourselves into a corner. By meditating regularly, we learn to live more balanced, live our emotions ecologically, overcome worries, bring more clarity and joy into our lives, begin to better understand ourselves and the nature of all things.

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Learning to meditate is easy enough. You don’t have to go deeply into Buddhism or other spiritual practices. You can start with special applications or with guides on YouTube – today there are a lot of high-quality materials in the public domain. And then, if you want to delve into this, you can start studying special literature and more specific practices.

Learn to take care of yourself

There is no need to repeat that taking care of yourself is very important in order to feel the inner strength and energy to achieve your goals. Make sure you have time for yourself in your daily schedule – self-development, body care and practice to maintain inner balance and mental stability. Try to distract yourself from your daily routine at least a little. Think about what helps you maintain a resource state, and try to use this in your life more often. Perhaps you have long wanted to find a new hobby for yourself or include regular training in your schedule – now is the time to do it. 

Keep a diary

Diary entries, mindfulness notebooks, bullet journal style diaries are great solutions for working with goals and experiences. This method is good for slowing down and developing inner discipline and analyzing your thoughts. If you find it difficult to train yourself to regularly write down your thoughts, ideas, and experiences of notes, you can start with electronic notes on your phone or laptop. Try this simple daily practice. Set a reminder, timer or alarm. Give yourself 15 minutes at a convenient time to track your inner state, mark significant events, moments for which you can thank this day and yourself, or just be in the stream of thoughts and record everything that you want to throw out. This practice will be a good tool for developing awareness, will help to observe yourself,

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Remember that the achievement of any life goals directly depends on our physical and emotional state. It is very difficult to start the day with your head held high if you have only slept a couple of hours the day before. Listen to your body and start a new week with a healthy lifestyle and various practices to normalize your psycho-emotional state.

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