How to download song lyrics on Android

This APP will allow you to easily download song lyrics (or “lyrics” in English) to your cell phone. The best thing about it is that it shows the lyrics automatically when playing the song.

This is Quick Lyric

 an open source Android application or open source. If you have an internet connection, it automatically detects and displays the lyrics of a song. Although you can also search for lyrics manually and download or download to your mobile, completely free.

APP to download song lyrics

When a song is played on a music player like Spotify or Google Play Music, QuickLyric automatically detects the song and displays its lyrics. Sometimes it may be necessary to touch the update button so that the letter is displayed on the screen.

You can download or download that letter to view it offline or offline, using the floppy icon that appears at the top. Although QuickLyric displays the lyrics, a to z lyrics automatically, you can also do a manual search for the lyrics of a song. The lyrics are taken from the online resource .

Apparently the app also allows you to display the lyrics of a Shazam or SoundHound song, using the Android system’s share menu.

This app is available from the F-Droid repository

a source for open source Android apps. There you can download the QuickLyric APK . It installs like any other APK .MusiXMatch

is a player with song lyrics. It is the best application in this sense, not only because it shows the lyrics of a song in karaoke mode (as the song progresses), but also because it has the largest catalog of song lyrics. The disadvantage of MusiXmatch is that only lyrics saved on the Android device can be downloaded. It doesn’t work with songs from streaming services, like Spotify.

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