Reasons For a White Residual Appearance on Clothes After Washing

Reasons For a White Residual Appearance on Clothes After Washing

Although clothes washing is good to make them neat and fresh, there are some reasons why people do not take risk of washing their clothes at home and hire laundry services Dubai. On your clothes, you can see white residues and stains after a wash that can damage your cloth fibers and ruin their fresh look.

For this purpose, people prefer the best dry cleaners in Dubai rather than washing with soap or detergents. On the other hand, if you find the real cause of white stains on your clothes you can fix it at home.

Detergent remains undissolved in water

The main cause of white residues on the clothes is the undissolved detergent in the washing solution. If you are using a large quantity of detergent or having cold water for washing, there are chances that your detergent does not dissolve completely.

The undissolved detergent particles will stick to the fibers of your clothes and after drying they will give a white residual appearance and is difficult to reverse. Try to use warm water and mix the detergent thoroughly into the water and then add your clothes.

Washing clothes with hard water

Another cause of white residues on your clothes is the use of hard water for washing purposes. There are areas where water comes from the well directly and it contains heavy metal sediments in it. The heavy metals in the water do not allow the detergent to break down its components and dissolve in water. This problem needs a large investment in making your tape water soft by removing the impurities and metal elements. To avoid such large investments people in such areas are shifting towards availing the services of the best dry cleaners in Dubai.

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More clothes in a washing machine

If you are putting too many clothes in a washing machine above its capacity, the clothes may not move around in the machine properly. Thus, the detergent solution in the machine will not come in contact with the cloth fibers evenly and uniformly. This will bring more stained clothes with white residues. If you are having a large pile to wash you should go for laundry services in Dubai.

Excess quantity of softener or detergent

In case you are using the excess quantity of detergent or fabric softener in the washing solution, it will not properly mix into the water. After a specific saturation point, the detergent will start precipitating. These precipitates will attach to the fibers of the cloth and appear as white stains.

Use a small amount of detergent, soap, and fabric softener to bring satisfactory results after washing. Use a large quantity of water and diluted detergent to avoid clogging.


What will be your emotions when you take out your clothes from the machines after washing and find a prominent white residual appearance on your favorite clothes. Although there are many reasons for this undesirable thing, you can still come over all the possible causes by taking some responsible measures. If you are still having the problem then contact the best dry cleaners in Dubai and laundry services Dubai.

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