Brief Overview of Manual Physiotherapy in Edmonton

The term “manual therapy” refers to a hands-on method for treating neuromusculoskeletal problems. Manual therapy seeks to increase range of motion, decrease discomfort and inflammation, help tissue repair, and restore proper movement and function. To achieve these goals, skilled therapists employ various techniques on joints and soft tissues. This type of treatment, which is frequently used in conjunction with other rehab strategies such as exercise or pain-relieving modalities, can help with various issues such as discomfort, stiffness, and range-of-motion issues. Physical therapy can help you deal with the underlying issues causing your pain if you have an accident or chronic pain. So, now you don’t need to ignore this kind of pain as it may cause many other problems; find the best therapist for Physiotherapy in Edmonton

How Does Manual Physiotherapy in Edmonton Works 

Therapists employ expert therapy approaches aimed at improving physical mobility. Therapy techniques include joint manipulation, manual traction, soft tissue mobilization, muscular energy treatments, massage, and stretching. In this blog, we will discuss manual therapy and what it does.

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What Exactly Does it Do?

  • Boosts passive range of motion
  • Helps restore normal joint mobility
  • Facilitates functional mobility
  • Helps reduce inflammation 
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps in tissue healing and remodeling
  • Reduces adhesions caused by scars 
  • Builds trust between the client and the therapist

Joint Mobilization/Manipulation

Physiotherapists employ a hands-on approach to evaluate, diagnose, and treat joints. Joint mobilizations are slow, graduated-amplitude movements that twist, pull, or push bones and joints in a certain direction. These movements help relieve tight tissues around a joint, improve alignment, and relieve discomfort in the joint and surrounding tissues. To give pain relief and increased mobility and offer the best physiotherapy in Edmonton, some expert physicians utilize joint manipulations, fast but short thrusts. Joint mobilizations and manipulations return a joint to its natural state of motion.

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Mobilization of Soft Tissues

Deep, transverse frictions, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, and scar massage are some of the available techniques. These techniques help break up adhesions in tissues, increase circulation, and alleviate discomfort.


Kneading and giving therapeutic pressure to muscles to relax tension, relieve pain, and increase circulation.

Release the Trigger Point

Pressure is applied to hyperirritable nodules in the muscles, known as “knots,” to alleviate muscle tension.

Muscle Energy Techniques and Passive Stretching

Assisted stretching of muscles and tendons to increase their flexibility and extensibility. Therapists may employ a “contract-relax” approach to increase extensibility even further.

Manual Traction

A treatment in which the therapist seeks to stretch the structures surrounding a joint and generate space within it.

Consult for the Best Physiotherapy in Edmonton

 Physiotherapists use manual therapy techniques in conjunction with education and exercise to restore optimal motion, function, and pain relief. So, if you are suffering from any chronic pain, don’t wait anymore because clinics like Regenerate Shock Wave have expert therapists and offer the best physiotherapy in Edmonton. They offer the best therapy sessions and guide you according to your physical health. They are the best therapists here to ease your discomfort. 

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