What are sports massage and the difference between massage and sports massage?

There is a particular kind of massage that is created for athletes and physically active people and obviously, it is called sports massage. Massage therapy has been used for millennia to assist reduce stress and promote relaxation. 

Now, the question is what has it got to do with sports? Well, the answer lies in the question. Any sport means high adrenaline running in the body which upon wearing leaves the body and its muscles exhausted. In this case, the need for massage is quite evident to revive the body’s physical status. This is the same purpose that Sports Massage in Seattle WA fulfills. 

Anyways, this article will discuss what sports massage is and how it differs from regular massage.

Sports massage

A distinct type of massage known as “sports massage” is created expressly to cater to the special demands of athletes and physically active people. It emphasizes injury prevention, injury treatment, and performance enhancement. Employment of this massage also varies a lot. Massage therapists use special techniques based on the nature of the injury or sport their client is dealing with. 

Variation in techniques

Techniques used in sports massage might vary, but they frequently include deep tissue massage and trigger point treatment, which includes applying pressure to certain body parts to reduce pain and stress. Stretching and other methods created to aid athletes in recovering after their exercises or contests may also be used during this kind of massage.

Sports massage is frequently utilized prior to or following a contest or workout, but it may also be included in an athlete’s regular health regimen. Sometimes a quick session of this massage is provided to an athlete in case he/she is suffering from some injury. 


Sports massage differs from regular massage

While normal massage and sports massage have certain things in common, they also differ significantly in several key ways.

Think about the muscles

The emphasis on the muscles is one of the main distinctions between massage and sports massage. Sports massage targets specific muscle groups that are engaged during athletic activity, whereas regular massage often focuses on relaxation and stress alleviation. 

The muscle regions that are most likely to be overworked or strained during a particular sport or activity are identified by sports massage therapists, who then employ specialized methods to assist treat these areas. They use a variety of pressure techniques to ensure that the muscles won’t be overworked. 


The timing is a key distinction between massage and sports massage. Regular massage may be done at any time and is frequently used to encourage relaxation and stress alleviation. Contrarily, sports massage is often applied before or following an exercise or competition.

Post-sports massage is focused more on the recovery of the muscles that went under the stress of the exercise or games. While pre-sports massage aims the preparation the muscles for an upcoming game. This massage makes the muscles strong against the risk of injury. 


Also, the methods employed in sports massage differ from those in conventional massage. While deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy are common in both forms of massage, sports massage may also include stretches, joint mobilization, and myofascial release methods. These methods are intended to target certain muscle groups and speed up the healing process following physical exercise.

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Regular massage and sports massage have various objectives. Sports massage focuses on assisting athletes in performing at their best and recovering from the pressures of physical activity, whereas regular massage often promotes relaxation and reduces tension. Sports massage therapists are educated to recognize the unique requirements of athletes and offer specialized care to assist them to reach their objectives. With a certain goal in mind, they develop the techniques of providing massage to target certain areas that they think should have key strengths.


The particular demands of sportsmen and physically active people are addressed by sports massage, which is a specialized type of massage. It emphasizes injury prevention, injury treatment, and performance enhancement. While conventional massage and sports massage have certain things in common, they also differ in terms of their techniques, time, and end results. Under services like Full Body Massage Seattle WA, you can’t expect to have a specialized sports massage. So, in case you want sports massage you need to look for the places providing that particular kind of massage. In this regard, blue lotus spa is offering its specialized sports massage services. So, book your appointment today. 

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