What paper is used for chocolate bouquet?

We are about to enter the month of love. Get ready to give the best valentine’s gifts to our loved ones. Valentine’s gift is identical to chocolate. But to make a bar of chocolate into an attractive gift is to wrap it beautifully. How to wrap chocolate beautifully? What materials can you use for it?

What kind of paper is for a chocolate bouquet?

For wrapping chocolate, you can use almost any type of paper. There are several options that you can use according to your taste. Start with the classics such as wrapping paper, newsprint, used book paper, music books, etcetera.

But if you want to make a chocolate bouquet as buying it in a store, you can use these three types of paper. The three wrapping papers for wrapping chocolate bouquets are kraft paper, tissue paper, and cellophane.

These three wrapping papers have advantages and disadvantages that you can adjust for the gifts. The materials, colors, and accents can make your bouquet look more beautiful when given later. To choose one of these three, you need to know about these wrapping papers in more detail. These are everything you need to know about the three wrapping papers.

Tissue Paper

Who would have thought that tissue paper could be the best wrapping material for a gift, especially to wrap sensitive and fragile items?

Tissue paper is a type of super-light paper made from recycled paper pulp. There are many forms of tissue paper, ranging from paper towels, toilet tissue, facial tissues, and wrapping tissue.

Tissue paper is from recycled paper pulp. It has gone through a process that makes it does not contain acids. So it can also be referred to as acid-free tissue. The difference with other tissue paper is that it is free from the acid generated by recycling which can damage sensitive items such as clothes and books.

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Both types of tissue paper, either standard or acid-free, can be used as wrapping paper. It’s just that its use is distinguished for wrapping different types of goods. You can use acid-free tissue to wrap fragile items such as jewelry, fabric, ornaments, and antiques. Thus you can use standard tissue paper to wrap universal items such as bottles and general.

Tissue paper is relatively inexpensive to beautify a gift, like a bouquet. It has a variety of colors that you can use for all forms of events such as Christmas, Birthday, and Valentine’s.

Kraft Paper

Want to wrap gifts to look beautiful, but still want to protect the environment. Then you can use kraft paper. Although it has a monotonous color with brown, kraft paper is very versatile. You can combine kraft paper with ribbons or accessories in colorful colors such as red, pink, and gold.

Neutral colors can make kraft paper more conducive to creation. You can design and beautify as you wish, refers to flower as “beatiful mouth” called Eustoma.  Either add accessories, be drawn, or write aphorisms.

Kraft paper is produced by kraft process which involves the chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp. This is another basic paper production process. It’s just that kraft paper separates the lignin and cellulose to make the paper better and smooth out the wood chips that form the basis of the pulp. As a result, kraft paper is stronger because of its low lignin content and does not undergo extensive bleaching which can reduce the strength of the paper.

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Using kraft paper as gift wrapping, such as a chocolate bouquet can be the best choice. Its texture, durability, and flexibility provide added protection.


Cellophane is the oldest plastic wrap used for wrapping food, fruit, or flowers. It has two types of plastic, true Cellophane (Cellulose) made from wood chips and cotton, and BOPP (Bi-Axially Oriented Polypropylene).

Both plastics have a different way of making and basic ingredients. Cellulose is more environmentally friendly than BOPP. Made of cellulose, 100% degradable. While BOPP can be degraded through exposure to heat and UV radiation, recycled, and can release toxins into soil or water.

Both Cellulose and BOPP have the same properties and uses, especially as food packaging. Low permeability to moisture, oxygen, bacteria, and oil makes cellophane the best wrapping paper for a chocolate bouquet.

There is also a cellophane wrapper with food-grade to provide much more secure security in wrapping food. The difference between food-grade and non-grade wrapping is in the presence of food-grade resin.

In terms of price, cellophane is more expensive than BOPP which can be recycled.

How to Wrap a Chocolate Bouquet

Step 1: Choose your favorite chocolate snack. To give chocolate to people you like, then prepare chocolate snacks that they like. Some choices of valentine chocolate include Ferrero Rocher, Love Hearts, Lindor, Cadbury, Thomton, and others.

Step 2: Secure the chocolate with glue. To make a chocolate bouquet, you have to glue each chocolate onto a stick or plank. Arrange the chocolate neatly first to determine the desired shape. Leave a few inches of space at the bottom for the bouquet handles. There are several choices of glue that you can use, such as glue gun, double tip, and so on.

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Step 3: Wrap with wrapping paper. Once each chocolate has stuck to the board or a wooden skewer, slowly begin to wrap it all over. Choose the wrapping paper you want to use, such as tissue paper or kraft paper. After that, wrap it again with cellophane to add beauty.

That’s the wrapping paper that you can use on a chocolate bouquet. You can use either one or even combine it. If you don’t have time to make a chocolate bouquet yourself, then the Chocolate Bouquet is already available online and can be delivered directly. 



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