10 Unique Jiu Jitsu Tattoos For Inspiration And Ideas

Jiu Jitsu tattoos are a special thing- most people don’t realise that grappling is such a deep and meaningful sport. Some of the cool artistry we see makes us pause in awe with the dedication and skill- the genius of those masters. So how can you bring out these captivating designs into your body? Get your best tattoo images from this article! 

  1. Roots To Sky: The Amazing Jiu Jitsu: We have some beautiful stylized jiu jitsu techniques in this top JKD article, each tattoo has its own meaning and narrative behind it. So when getting a jiu jitsu inspired design look no further than these great styles to help you through. You can also check our gallery of Rener Gracie tattoos here.
  2. Black And White: Deep Mastersong: Find a painter that specialises in chiaroscuro (outlined shading) black and white tattoo designs like on Hollywood tattoo artist Chris Batten’s incredible work below. These tattoos are broken up with the outlines of traditional martial arts roots; they tell a story of the artist and the culture that makes up this vast potential of our world. Very powerful, very cool; check out more images below.
  3. Black Kicks And Touches: Find a black and white tattoo artist with jiu jitsu inspiration like Leticia Ribeiro’s insanely dope marks above. These tattoos are a great way to show just how little trickery techniques or leg attacks should involve; they’re all represented in awesome meaning and message.
  4. Bare Knuckle Boxing: Relive one of the most brutal and intense moments in sports history with THE black and white tattoo artist Tim Shipe’s badass imagery above. This tattoo is a full on representation of one man meeting his strength at its worst.
  5. Andrei Arlovski’s Knuckle tattoos: By tattoo artist Anthony Littlejohn, this piece of art might look simple but there is a lot going on underneath for those who take the time to really examine it. It also serves as a great tribute to one of MMA’s greatest fighters ever.
  6. Fedor Emelianenko’s Elephant Foot Tattoo: This might not be the traditional elephant foot but The Last Emperor has come up with a fantastic way of conveying his heritage using it as an image in negative space. It is both different and original while yet still being colourful with patchwork schemes inspired by its roots in Asia. 
  7. Mark Hunt’s Leg tattoo: The same man who tattooed Jerry O’Connell on his face also does most of Mark Hunt’s ink on his legs as well as pretty much everything else BUT his face as seen below (you can see him here). The world ’s most rugged ground and pound specialist with a pretty awesome set of ink to match his rugged personality. 
  8. Tank Abbott’s tats: The former IWA Champ (and TNA Superstar) has won over tattoo fans for a lot of reasons, his flashiest ones being the risqué “trashy” lady, bar maid, and pure bravado that he puts into each tat he gets as well as drawing inspiration from old tattoos and using it to build new ones even better in some cases. 
  9. Eddie Guerrero’s Cholo Oaxacan Tattoos: Now while I don’t usually talk much about small tattoo’s or cover them up or anything like that, this is Eddie’s Cholo Oaxaca creation and partially covered twice! This might be my favourite tat to ever come out of his world long arms. 
  10. Rob Van Dam’s tattoos: While we have always known RVD as the original superstars not highly endorsed by WWE he has been involved with numerous controversies in between all his sports entertainment gigs ranging from helping RPE guard him in prison to being found guilty of drug trafficking after only one trial. 

Types of Tattoos Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is a grappling martial art and sport that originated in Brazil. It is a form of martial arts that focuses on ground grappling and ground fight tactics. There are many different types of Jiu Jitsu tattoos that can be very inspirational and stylish.

  • There are traditional Jiu Jitsu tattoos that show the origins of the art, such as the stars and stripes flag or the Japanese characters for “Budo”. Many Jiu Jitsu fans also choose traditional symbols like the monkey grip or the dragon flag.
  • Some people prefer more contemporary designs, like the infinity symbol or stylized three stripes. There are also many themed Jiu Jitsu tattoos, like those inspired by pro wrestling, film, and video games.
  • Whatever your preference, there are many beautiful and unique Jiu Jitsu tattoos to choose from. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced grappler, there’s a tattoo design that will inspire you!
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Jiu Jitsu tattoos around the world and in the US

Jiu Jitsu is a martial art and sport that originated in Brazil. It is now practised worldwide and has become an Olympic sport. Jiu Jitsu tattoos around the world and in the US are unique and interesting. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Jiu Jitsu tattoos around the world include beautiful designs that show off the artistry of the tattooist. These tattoos can be found on both men and women, young and old, and in many different locations around the body. Some of the most popular Jiu Jitsu tattoos are those that commemorate successful matches or tournaments. These tattoos often feature images of athletes or symbols from the martial arts.
  • In the US, Jiu Jitsu tattoos can also be found on both men and women. These tattoos often feature traditional martial arts poses or scenes from movie theatres or comics. One of the most well-known US Jiu Jitsu tattoos is a design that features The Hulk Hogan in a grappling position.

Styles of tattooing in BJJ and their benefits

There are numerous styles of Jiu Jitsu tattoo ideas that can be inspired by, and used as ideas for unique tattoos.

  • One popular style of Jiu Jitsu tattoo is the Munduruku sleeve. This tattoo is a reference to one of the techniques used in BJJ, the Munduruku Guard. The Munduruku Guard is a defensive guard that uses the player’s own body weight to control the opponent. The sleeve is composed of alternating waves and triangles, which references this technique.
  • Another popular style of Jiu Jitsu tattoo is the dragon pattern. This tattoo is inspired by the dragon flag that is often displayed during competitions and matches. The dragon flag is a stylized representation of a Chinese symbol known as the Yin and Yang Penetration, which stands for female and male energy. The dragon pattern in Jiu Jitsu tattoos represents this duality.
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How to choose a tattoo artist

When choosing a tattoo, you have a lot of options and it can be hard to decide which one to go with. One way to make the decision easier is to look for tattoo artists who specialise in a certain type of art.

For example, if you want a tattoo that celebrates your martial arts accomplishments, you should look for an artist who specialises in martial art tattoos. Likewise, if you want a traditional ink tattoo, you should seek out an artist who is experienced in tattooing.

When choosing an artist, be sure to ask questions about their experience and knowledge of the type of tattoo you’re interested in. Also, be sure to watch some of their work beforehand to get a better idea of what you would like. This will help ensure that your tattoo is perfect and meets your expectations.

Sanitising your tattoo and taking care of it after

Your Jiu Jitsu tattoo is a physical representation of your commitment to the art form. There are a few things you should always keep in mind when caring for your jiu jitsu tattoo; first and foremost, is to sanitise it after every use. This will help to prevent any potential infections from spreading. Additionally, make sure to keep your jiu jitsu tattoo moisturised and free from irritation. If you experience any pain or swelling, be sure to consult with a professional before applying any treatments.

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