7 Tips to Minimize Damage Due to Screen Exposure

What’s worse than having dry and irritated eyes… What if it’s not only limited to irritated eyes and can bring along the headache, blurred vision and redness in the eyes.

Yes, this happens when you are spending a lot of time in front of the screens. Well, this is something that remains unavoidable. We are living in a digital world where we are spending most of our days and night in front of screens. This can lead to digital eye strain.

Digital eye strain aka computer vision syndrome is one thing that can affect our vision to a greater extent. From resulting in mild discomfort to causing serious eye problems, the damage can be more serious than we think. Sometimes it can affect you without making you realize it. During my college days, I remember I used to suffer from consistent headaches that were never leaving. I had to then visit many renowned eye specialists in Islamabad. Then after a few weeks of proper eye care, I was finally able to get rid of the problem. 

How to Minimize Vision Damage Due to Screen Exposure

I am sure protecting your eyes from the damage is something you must be curious about. Don’t think too much as here are some of the effective tips that can be a great help in preventing eyesight damage due to excessive screen use. 

1- Pay attention to lighting

Adjusting your lighting can help to minimize the stress it adds to your eyes. You can work on lighting adjustment to provide maximum relief to your eyes. Try to ensure proper lighting in front whenever you are working. Ensure the soft lighting in your work area makes it easier for your eyes to focus and work.

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2- Adjust screen brightness

We are not likely to pay attention to our screen lighting and this can be a cause of damage to our eyes. While you are working on your system, try to not keep the screen brightness too dim or too bright. Too much brightness will irritate your eyes and in case of too low light, there will be a lot of added pressure on your eyes to focus so make sure your brightness settings are optimal.

3- Take screen breaks

No matter how many hours you need to work, make sure to take frequent screen breaks. These screen breaks are a must. Keeping your eyes off the screen several times during the day can help to help your eyes function better.

4- Blink often

When you are sitting for a long time in front of screens then this tends to compromise your blinking. Not blinking well can make you suffer from the problem of dried eyes that can be difficult to deal with. So, if you are suffering from blinking trouble then try to blink on purpose unless you develop a habit.

5- 20-20-20 rule

Have you heard about this? This is one principle we often follow to keep our eyes healthy with excessive screen usage. According to this rule, you have to watch at least 20 feet apart for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes. This is especially important for people who are suffering from focusing troubles due to excessive screen usage. 

6- Use artificial tears

Another tip that can help to keep your eyes healthy with excessive screen usage is the use of artificial tears. These artificial tears are helpful for people who suffer from reduced tear production and have dried eyes. When natural tears are not enough to keep your eyes lubricated so artificial tears can help you in this regard. You can easily find artificial tears as over-the-counter medicine or can even ask your physician for recommendations.

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7- Visit your doctor

No matter how much you care for your eyes, many things can still be wrong. For this very reason, you need to visit your physician from time to time. These routine visits can save you from further damage. So, never skip your routine eye exams if you want to keep yourself safe from damaging your vision.

Bottom Line!

Good vision is something we all want to have without any exception. However, many things can be damaging for our vision and one of these includes excessive screen usage. However, if you take care of your eyes with a screen you can minimize this damage. Follow all these tips for taking care of your eyes right and make sure to get your routine checkups done.

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