Choosing The Right Dental Filling

A smile is a unique accessory that gets even more beautiful with perfectly aligned teeth. When a person smiles, the first thing that comes into notice is teeth, and a painful tooth can interfere with your winning smile. Don’t worry; you will come to know a lot about your dental situation by the end of this article.

The pain you feel can be due to dental decay. A dental filling can help fix damage caused by it. It is a pain-free procedure, so don’t panic. You will get a wide variety of materials to choose from, which your doctor would probably have better knowledge and experience. The article sums up what you need to know about dental fillings.

Get The Perfect Match For Your Teeth

Does it make you scared thinking about how my new teeth don’t match the originals? You are not the only one. No one wants an imperfect match since you can’t hide it. Not being able to get a perfect color match for your teeth is one of the reasons why people are more concerned about tooth fillings. A white filling blends perfectly with the rest of your teeth. Composite fillings might be your pick as they are most visually appealing and look natural.

The filling material is selected by looking into the locality of the teeth and the severity of the decay. Your dentist can suggest a suitable material. If you are looking forward to booking an appointment with a dentist, feel free to connect to us at The Dental Suite PLLC.

Why Do I Need One?

If your dental hygiene is excellent, you will likely succeed in keeping the cavity away for a long time. Brushing is one thing, and you need to limit your intake of sugary foods and drinks to protect the enamel. A top-notch dental routine doesn’t mean you will never get tooth decay, and it minimizes the chances of getting one.

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A dental filling is most probably done to repair the damage caused by a cavity. The process includes sealing the tooth to prevent further damage and keep bacteria away. The prevention is all about taking care that starts with brushing your teeth two times a day.

Filling Materials Available In The Market

Several materials are in the market. The suitable filling material is the one best for you, and your dentist’s choice is supposed to be the best fit for you. Each material has benefits and downsides in beauty, strength, cost, and longevity.

Teeth can be filled considering different materials and various factors. The most common ones widely used are:

Amalgam Fillings

The most popular out of all the filling materials is the Amalgam. Your grandparent might have one of these too because it’s been there in the market for centuries now. Amalgam is most commonly used for fillings because it is solid and ideal. It is specifically used for the teeth lying at the back of your mouth.

Glass Ionomer

Glass ionomers are made from acrylic and glass. It is mainly used on children as their teeth structure is still changing. In terms of longevity, they don’t last more than five years.

You might also find your doctor referring to fluoride releasers as they release fluoride.


Ceramic can be heavy; made out of porcelain, they are expensive. You are most likely to find the correct color match in ceramic. The cost equals the gold, which is less durable than the metal. 

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They are made to order by a dental laboratory. The dentist will do the fixing part and measuring part. If you have any issues regarding your dental health, The Dental Suite PLLC will be happy to assist.


If you are looking forward to a perfect match for your teeth, you are talking about composite. They look appealing and are resistant to stain, making them the most popular choice for patients. However, the durability is less as compared to ceramic.


You can assume by name that these are the most expensive. The material has a mixture of other metals and is typically used for bridges, crowns, and inlays. You might be wondering if the color matches your teeth, and the answer is no. That’s why they are used for the teeth at the back of the mouth, not visible enough. 

They are found to be solid and unbreakable, along with maximum resistance to staining.

Here Comes The Process

Dental work might scare you a bit, and the pain can lead you to think not to go for it. A dental filling is suitable for minor fractures or holes in the teeth. Sometimes, the part of the teeth affected by the cavity is removed, and the doctor fills the space to prevent further damage.

Planning and Checkups

When you feel pain or soreness in any part of your teeth, be prepared that you might need a few follow-ups and consultations before beginning with the treatment itself. Your dentist will overlook the situation and decide which treatment to go for. You might need to go through multiple X-rays and ultrasounds regarding the severity of damage and the position of your affected teeth.

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The Procedure Itself

Starting with minimizing the pain, the dentist numbs the area around the tooth. A local anesthetic will do the work. Once the area is numb, the damaged area is removed with one of the following:

  • Drill
  • Laser
  • Air abrasion instrument

The extent of your tooth decay and the dentist’s comfort will contribute to deciding which tool to choose.

Once the dentist gets rid of the decay, he will begin preparing the space by cleaning up. Also, he might put a liner to protect the nerve from the cavity.

The liner your dentist use can be any of the following:

  • Composite resin
  • Glass ionomer
  • Other material

After the filling is complete, the dentist will polish it.

The Bottom Line

The best way to avoid dental filling is to follow healthy and consistent dental hygiene. The best way to protect your teeth from all the costly and painful procedures is prevention. Unfortunately, if you get one, connect to a trusted professional who will guide you on which treatment to avail. 

Whether you need a new filling or a consultation from the dentist, don’t think further, The Dental Suite PLLC is here for you to help.

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