First Psychological aid. Expert Advice for Those Looking to Renew a Relationship

Breaking a love affair is a painful process and for both parties. The man feels extremely unpleasant; his self-esteem is sharply reduced. What if you are sure that this is the same girl with whom you want to live your whole life? Don’t rush to ask to come back. First, work on yourself, then – your relationship. 

To learn how to get an ex-girlfriend, said Anton Glomozda, personal growth coach, expert, and founder of Akloni Academy. Since 2016, men have been helped to embark on the path of self-development, gain confidence, and build harmonious relationships. Now let’s talk about everything in order.

Dealing with the reasons

The most difficult but important step is to figure out why this happened. Who is to blame for the breakup? Did you feel good together? Are you ready to relive all the ups and downs together? If the answer is yes, let’s get started!

It will take a little time for the emotions to subside. Recovery must be rational. Get ready to admit your mistakes and correct them. Experience has shown that couples most often break up because girls consider boys:

  • too passive;
  • hopeless;
  • boring;
  • not interested in the further development of relations.

Whichever of these mechanisms works (or maybe all at once?), The cause must be eradicated. Otherwise, the reunion will be meaningless.

Before you take action, be aware that there are things to avoid. It:

  1. Alcohol abuse. You will only harm your health and you will not be able to mobilize.
  2. Be humiliated. Yes, you are offended and hard, but this is not a reason to scandal or tearfully ask for forgiveness.
  3. Press on pity. This will not work in your favor.
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Now, let’s put together a step-by-step plan for rebuilding your relationship.

Pair recovery strategy

Start by … forget about her! For a while. No contacts and no viewing of shared photos before bed. Only active work, self-improvement. 

Take care of your appearance and health. The gym, good nutrition, healthy sleep should become your faithful companions. Make time for your hobby, chat with interesting people. While you are alone, it’s time to broaden your horizons.

The key point is the inner state. If you can’t figure it out yourself, make an appointment with a psychologist or watch training on the Akloni website. Leave a request. The curators will select the best solution:

  • “Emotional intelligence” will help you to understand the variety of emotions, not to depend on other people’s opinions and not only to manage your state, but also to influence people;
  • “Achiever” is a powerful program of total pumping: health, career, environment, emotions and other areas will noticeably improve;
  • “Successful man style” is necessary to get rid of ridiculous things and update your wardrobe;
  • “Speak to be heard” – ideal for guys who want to learn how to convincingly convey their thoughts to the environment;
  • “How to get rid of insecurity and believe in yourself” will bring your self-esteem to a healthy level.

To get started, read the articles on the topic or see – “YouTube” -channel Anton Glomozda. It’s free.

Only after completing all the stages can you conquer your beloved again. Dial her number and make an appointment. Tell me you have an important conversation. And tete-a-tete, you will make it clear that your love will not be the same. Let her see that you are a different person now. Just do not press. She will want to return.

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At the Integrated Development Academy, men know that any loss is a great chance to get better. Thousands of guys have already gone this way and are happy with the results. Do you want to make sure? Read the reviews and rather put the advice into practice. You can do it!

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