Tooth Extraction Kit: A Brief Discussion of Included Instruments

There is a wide variety of dental surgical instruments, and they have equal importance as other surgery tools. In dentistry, tooth extraction or tooth removal is a very common procedure. Dentists have to come across this practice several times a day. To carry out the procedure effectively, Atraumatic Tooth Extraction Kit should be necessarily available at the clinic. A surgeon should be well aware of all the tools included in the kit. As well, it is crucial to ensure the quality of the instruments. 

Basically, two dental tools are the most crucial part of the kit for extraction purposes. These are dental elevators and dental forceps. An expert can easily perform the extraction process with these two instruments. Both tools have many variations and types that help meet different requirements. Periosteal elevators and anglevator are the best elevating dental tools that cut, manipulate and separate periodontal tissues from the root, causing no pain. After separation and elevation of the roots, dental forceps extract the tooth in an atraumatic manner. Besides, some assistant extraction tools should also be part of the dental extraction kit, such as retractors or bite blocks, suction tips, extraction screws, and post drivers.

All these tools of the extraction kit possess several numbers and variations for multiple requirements.

Basic Instruments of Dental Atraumatic Extraction Kit

The above discussion makes it obvious that elevators and forceps are the basic tools of the extraction kit. So, let’s discuss these instruments briefly, mentioning their types and variations.

Dental Elevators

The invention of tooth elevators has made the extraction procedure easier and atraumatic. So, it is a very basic tool for this purpose. An extraction kit is incomplete without this specific tool. It helps cut, elevate, and separate the tooth root from its periodontal tissues, making it easier for the forceps to pick it out. This dental instrument has multiple variations. Among the elevators, periodontal elevators and anglevator are the most prominent. Woodson periosteal is an effective elevator for small and delicate tissues to elevate.

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In contrast, #9 molt periosteal helps cut and elevate larger and rigid tissues during the extraction procedure. Other tooth elevators include straight, triangular, pick (crane pick and root tip pick), apex, apical, berry, Bein, Bernard, and Flohr elevators. Moreover, Anglevator 3mm left, Anglevator 3mm right, and Anglevator 5mm should be part of your tooth Extraction kit.

Dental Extraction Forceps

Like elevators, forceps are also the basic part of the Surgical Dental Atraumatic Extraction Kit. they help extract/pick the tooth out of its socket after being elevated by the tooth elevators. They have an ergonomic beak, hinge, and handles. Extraction forceps come in many variations depending on the location of the tooth that needs extraction. #150 and #151 are the universal dental forceps that are effective for any teeth to extract. #150 is for the upper teeth, while #151 is for the lower teeth. They differ from each other in the curvature of their handle. #150 is the best option for molars, but its “A” variety helps extract the premolars. Also, it can help with canines and incisors. And it comes in a serrated version. The “S” variety of #150 extraction forceps has smaller beaks and is effective for primary teeth.

#151 extractions forceps have the same specifications and varieties but are designed for lower teeth. 

Besides, lower cow horn forceps should also be part of an effective Surgical Dental Atraumatic Extraction Kit. #23 of these forceps are the best suitable for lower molars. Its sharp beaks are similar to the horns of the cows. These beaks can easily engage in the bifurcation of the mandibular molar.

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Upper cow-horn forceps #88R/L are less commonly known, but a valuable extraction kit must have them. They are useful for extracting upper molars. One beak can be effective for buccal bifurcation and two beaks for palatal root.

Moreover, Universal Forceps, Universal Mini Forceps, Universal Bird Beak Forceps, 222 Forceps, and Bird beak Mini Forceps are best for a high-quality extraction dental kit.

Other tools of Tooth Extraction Kit

Besides tooth elevators and extraction forceps, some other necessary tools should be part of the kit. Apparently, they have no direct role in the procedure but help carry out the process easily. These are:

  • Curettes 
  • Bone removers
  • Suction tips
  • Bit block
  • Post Drivers
  • Extraction drill
  • Extraction screw 
  • Torque Wrench 
  • Rest plate 

Specifically, the above-listed tools are for the extraction procedure, where there is no need for elevators and forceps. 

Buy High-Quality Dental Extraction Kit

Being a dentist, make sure you have the best quality extraction kit. You should ensure all the standard features of the instruments. Besides, prefer the kit which contains variable replaceable parts to accommodate different requirements.  So, if you are an endodontist, periodontist, orthodontist, or oral surgeon and need a prime-quality tooth extraction kit, contact GerMedUSA. Our extraction kit contains 03 anglevators and 06 forceps. Most importantly, all instruments are German stainless steel made.

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