22 sites to download free music to use in your videos and other projects

We are going to offer you 22 pages to download music for free and completely legally so that you can use it in your projects, such as videos that you are going to upload to online platforms. And it is that the main platforms to upload videos will always detect if your videos contain copyrighted music, and if so, they could even remove the video for not having complied with them.

That is why it is necessary to resort to the so-called music banks,

 which offer free tracks and without licenses to buy, and which in most cases even allow them to be used for commercial purposes. It is something like the image banks without copyright that you can also find online, but with pagalworld.

In this list we are going to include various types

 of pages from those that offer all their songs for free to those that have a free option for their mainly paid model, going through authors that give away their songs in exchange for attribution. What we are not going to include are fully paid services, even if they include a free trial period.And as we always say in Xataka Basics, we are going to leave you our proposals, but it is very possible that the most experienced users may know other pages not included.

 Therefore, if you consider that we have left out a useful

 Portal for these cases, we ask you to tell us in our comments section, so that the rest of the readers can also benefit from the knowledge of our xatakeros.  Beat Pick is a portal where you have a wide selection of music tracks to choose from. When you find one that you like, you can license it free of charge for the use you want to give it. They ensure that their selection of tracks has been hand-curate, as they only accept 10% of the 200 tracks that come to them per month from artists.

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As for the license, it is free and it will help you to use

 the track you want in movies, television, advertisements, background music for public spaces, telephone, and any other multimedia use. It’s not as easy as getting there and downloading, but they are quite flexible.A page that offers multiple audio tracks with a free license but with the need for attribution , which means that you will have to include in your video the credit of the author saying that he is the one who composed the music. In exchange, you have the freedom to use it in your multimedia projects, such as YouTube videos, websites, or animations.

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