PRP For Hair Treatment: Does It Work, And Is It Safe?

Presently, issues such as hair loss increase manifold among all genders. And it causes severe mental effects among people likewise. Hair loss is arguably the issue that introduces stress and causes your mental health to derail swiftly. Hence, people look for ways to improve their condition and find a suitable treatment that results in a solution. Over the world, several treatments exist that can give a favorable result or poor outcome. But we insist on offering our readers what seems suitable, favorable, and less complicated. And gives a valuable result likewise. 

PRP for Hair Treatment 

The presence of several treatments for a single issue or problem reflects that the issue is resounding and complicated among people. Furthermore, it also insists that people take more care in treating these issues hence a valuable option can please them. Hair loss lies in the same bracket as other common issues developing among people. And their several treatment options remain resounding. But one stands taller among the rest, and we call it platelet-rich plasma. 

PRP, as it is known, appears as a method that is rich in application and methodology. Before we get into PRP, hair loss is easy to understand. Rejuvence clinic has covered the PRP treatments effectively and you could check it out on this page It results when people often take more stress than they can bear or when they enter the 50-year mark. Apart from this, every other reason may be due to a specific condition. But treating hair loss remains a prominent thing for people presently. 

What PRP physicians and surgeons do is take the necessary plasm from your blood. Simply they extract the necessary substance from your blood and inject it into the place where hair loss occurs. The process increases the concentration of substances in the blood that helps to heal hair loss. 

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PRP for Hair Loss: What the Study Predicts! 

What people want to hear next is whether using PRP hair loss injections appear helpful in growing their hair and other benefits. It also appears as a helpful task in giving you what most recent studies depict about the use of PRP for treating hair loss. And how helpful they become when people present the results. 

  • 2014 Study over 11 People 

In 2014, a study was conducted that involved 11 people suffering from androgenic alopecia. In essence, every method involving the injection of PRPs into the body has to happen for 3 months and every 2 weeks. However, in the said study, people were injected with around 3 cubic centimeters of PRP. Resultantly, there was an increase in the follicles to 93 units from 71. An increase in follicles is what decides your hair growth. 

  • 2015 Study of 10 People Receiving PRP Injections 

In 2015, the use of PRP was studied over 10 people that received PRP injections. Again, such studies show how PRPs offer treatment options and improve hair conditions. In essence, the results of this study show that such injections not only improve hair growth but hair conditions likewise. For instance, the result of the following study predicts an increase in hair thickness, follicles, and strengthening of hair roots. All of these were a result of PRP injections that patients received for 3 months. 

  • Comparative Research in 2019 

In 2019, two groups were selected to use two different hair loss treatments. One of the groups was provided with Rogaine whereas the other was offered PRP injections. Around 20 people were allotted to each person. Although the result of the study is that PRP injections gave a better result in comparison to Rogaine, platelets have a bigger role. The richness of platelets determines hair growth in a human. And only people possessing rich and nutritious platelets offer stronger and more effective results through PRP treatments. 

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Permanency of a PRP Treatment 

When issues begin to develop in the body, there remain results that can be mixed. For this, you will need to repeat the procedure in some way over time. However, people also need to understand that special cases such as hair loss involve using scientific approaches. This means you will have to undergo sudden transformations and the use of different tissues from within your body. Thus, keeping up with the doctor after initial treatment will be uncommon. 

Moreover, people will often have to continue regular checkups until the results begin to appear. Once the results appear, you will be allowed to have touch ups with the physician almost once a year. Still, going once a year for a touchup feels less stressful and tense than many other body issues. 

Conclusion: What is in For You!

People often ask what a particular treatment method has for them. To ease the question, some treatments only involve a slight positive whereas some rely on natural and home remedies. Then there come methods that use pure science to treat your issues. These treatment methods always come with a favorable result, however small it may be. Thus, going for PRP injections for treating your hair loss makes sense, and will offer fruitful outcomes likewise!

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